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You may be eligible for membership in a Canadian Branch of The Royal Canadian Legion if you are a Canadian Citizen or Commonwealth subject and are of federal voting age.


Affiliate Voting membership:

Affliate voting membership is open to any Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject who is of federal voting age and who is not eligible for ordinary or associate membership

Associate Membership:

Directly related to someone who is or was eligible for Ordinary membership,(proof of servce required) are the child of an Associate member, have served in any branch of Royal Canadian Army Air or Navy Cadets, have been a cadet civilian instructor for at least 3 years, have served as an officer in the Navy League of Canada for at least 2 years, have served in a City, Municipal, Volunteer, Federal Fire Service for at least 1 year, are the spouse, parent or sibling of an associate member who qualified to the above criteria.
Note: Proof of service and relationship where appropriate is required.

Ordinary Membership:
Have served in or are serving in

The Canadian Forces or Her Majesty's Forces(regular force or reserve force with class "C" service), the Merchant Navy the RCMP the Vietnam War (USA,Canadian Ctzn. Commonwealth) the Canadian Coast Guard, (two or more years active service) a city,municipal or provincial police force for at least one year.
Note: please include discharge papers or service card with application.

Affliate Non - Voting Members:

Affliate non voting membership is open to any citizen from an Allied country, excluding Canada and the Commonwealth, who is of federal voting age and who is not eligible for ordinary, associate or affiliate voting membership and who supports the ppurposes and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion. Affliate non-voting members shall have the same rights as alll other members except the rights to vote and hold office.
Note: Affliliate non-voting members are allowed toattend branch meetings and participate in debates but cannot enter into the voting process, including motions.


$50 per year payable upon application with correct paperwork. Membership application forms are available at Legion Office.